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Link to the Letter of Need Template


Only leadership at a New Thought Organization can submit a "grant request".

If you are not part of the center leadership, this is not the page for you.

If you are part of your New Thought Organization's leadership and sincerely believe that you cannot afford to subscribe to an ongoing voluntary contribution, then use the link below to download the template for the "letter of need".

Do not be dismayed if you must choose Charity.

Simply follow the guidelines. They are the same for everyone.
Click on the yellow link below, go to that page, then:

  1. Download the template for the letter.
  2. Customize the letter with your own address.
  3. Have it signed by the spiritual leader and two board members of the center that the particular listing you are interested in pertains to. The letter will simply state that you, and the center you are requesting support for, are unable to contribute at this time due to severe financial difficulties.
  4. Have all the signatures notarized.
  5. Mail it to the postal address on the downloaded template.

Here is the letter in Rich Text .rtf format<<< click here and download the template

Simply contact us and avail yourself of all of the resources that have been created to support your center.

Read more about the free resources available to all New Thought Centers at:

We believe in you!

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